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Acrylic Rods
Acrylic Rods have been part of a wide range of applications in industry, product design, home furnishings, and displays. Clear, lightweight acrylic shapes enhance the beauty of any exhibit. Acrylic is easily fabricated without costly tooling charges, can be heat formed for a variety of desired effects, and is easily printed or embossed upon. Two grades are available; extruded and cast.

Extruded offers good clarity at an economical price and Cast offers consistent and superior clarity for more high tech applications. There are over 75 sizes of tubing, rods, shapes and geometric forms. 

Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic with good strength, stiffness and optical clarity.  They bond well with adhesives.  Acrylic has a 90-92% light transmittance value  ASTM D-1003.  It takes approximately .8 ft lbs to break glass compared to 3 ft lbs for acrylic.

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